It only makes sense to evaluate ways we get and spend our Idaho monies.


I’ve heard it said we can’t afford to embrace new programs because we don’t have the money. Well, I think it’s time to evaluate the ways we currently generate our money, spend our money and evaluate programs we currently support. What income generating sources are we overlooking? Do our programs get the results we want? Are those programs cost effective? How can we do better?

I’m advocating for smart ways to fund our programs and for spending our money on the right things; supporting the institutions our Idahoans hold dear—education, infrastructure, public safety and the wise use of tax dollars.

From door-to-door campaigning, people tell me over and over: it is the responsibility of the Legislature to support a better set of programs that make sense. Investing in education pays off; investing in timely maintenance of our roads and bridges pays off; rethinking non-violent criminal sentencing practices leads to better outcomes and pays off; heeding the Attorney General’s opinions on unconstitutional laws pays off; investment in quality early childhood programs pays off.

Let’s fund what we already know works and fix what doesn’t! Common sense should dictate we don’t spend money we don’t have and we spend what we do have wisely.
Why are we not evaluating the sales tax exemptions? Did you know $1.7 mil sales tax exemption override the $1.5 entire education budget! Why is there not a sunset and 5 year review on those exemptions!?