Quality education for our Idaho has to be a # 1 priority.

We must do what we have to do to give our children the opportunities and skills to live and learn in this world as participating citizens, prepared to enter the academic, civic and work worlds.

We must fund education to give our kids and teachers the best opportunities for success. We need resources: enough and up-to-date textbooks, and microscopes and musical instruments. We need 5 day school weeks. We need safe and adequately maintained schools. We need roofs that don’t leak and classrooms in rooms, not closets. We need smaller classrooms, kids get more individual teacher attention in smaller classrooms. We know that. We need a broad curriculum that includes math, English, civics, science, the arts, PE, languages, research projects, technology. We need excellent libraries. We need school nurses, psychologists and career counselors. We need high quality after school programs and we need preschool programs. We need new teacher mentoring. We need on-going professional development and time for our teachers to continually implement best practices. We know what excellent education is and we know what great teaching is. And we know how that happens. We need adequate resources to do the right things. It’s our democratic responsibility.

We need a teacher in the Idaho Legislature. I would appreciate your thinking of me when you vote, November 8.

Technical and formal education, at any age, is the surest way to increase job skills.

Rising tuition costs create barriers limiting academic and workforce opportunities. Underfunded public schools cut teaching days. Limited quality early childhood programs miss opportunities to enrich and nurture our families.

I believe Idahoans deserve the best our public school system can provide. Education is our best investment and it demands renewed commitment by our state. Idaho’s future depends on how well we do our job, working together, in making smart decisions.

Reinvestment in good public schools, job training, and affordable higher education will give our people the ability to compete for good jobs, grow our economy, and help make Idaho a better place to live and raise families and pass on the legacy of Idaho’s quality of Place. We must do better.